"there is a time..." to say good bye and thank you !  




25 years of working with textiles from my native country Sweden  

25 years of working for you and with you, my beloved audience...

"thank you, you made me very happy". 



Please join us in a closing sale and celebration.  Come have some pickled herring, crackers and aquavit!!!!


March 5th-March 15th only

Weekdays open from 12-6:00 pm

Saturdays open from 10-1:00 pm

Sundays closed




We sell less laundry!  Own our spill resistant Swedish textile products that clean up in a few simple wipes.  Smart, cheerful and safe.

Eat. Spill. Be Happy!    


Welcome to Mimi Home. Our vision is to inspire joyful gatherings around the table with our spill resistant, eco-friendly table linens. Locally made. Smart design Easy care. The proof is in our video!




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